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The following four pillars form the basis of our values:
• Our approach is always custom tailored to your needs (FLEXIBLE)
• With a focus on producing results (RESULTS ORIENTED)
• Hand in hand with your team of experts (PARTNERSHIP)
• That stand the test of time (CATALYST)

Business optimization

At Solutions Flexibilis, offers a performing business diagnostics.

Realize corporate projects

At Solutions Flexibilis, offers a suite of professional services to manage and corporate your projects.

Business continuity management

At Solutions Flexibilis, Our consultants can be deployed where you need them and will work to guide you through your corporate move.

Coaching, mentoring and training

At Solutions Flexibilis also offers a mentoring service that aims to develop your company’s resources.

Solutions Flexibilis offers a performing business diagnostics.
Our experts will guide you through implementing international standards such as ISO or others according to your needs.
Standards help companies focus their energies by target critical customer focused business processes, set expectations and facilitate communication.

Summarise :

• Performing business diagnostics
• Partnering to develop and implement process optimization
• Implementing ISO standards
• Coaching, mentoring and training

Solutions Flexibilis offers a suite of professional services to manage and coordinate your projets.
Sometimes, some projects are too confidential or do not fit into your company’s day-to-day operations, so you do not have the resources to carry out this project.
This is how Solution Flexibilis can help you with the management and coordination of your projects, according to an appropriate approach.

Solutions Flexibilis offers support services in coaching you through crystalizing your business continuity strategy, helping you develop your continuity plans,
training your crisis team, executing disaster simulations and injecting discipline by implementing a process requiring continuous reviews of all of the above

Summarise :

• Developing, documenting and implementing continuity management programs
• Developing, executing and providing feedback on continuity exercises
• Providing crisis management support
• Managing and providing support for corporate projects (short, medium and long term initiatives)

Flexibilis Solutions also offers a mentoring service that aims to develop your company’s resources.
Mentorship is used to develop workers and businesses who want to thrive in the area of management, continuous improvement or business continuity management.

Our leader


Janick Brunet - President & founder

She has 25 years of experience in various sectors, from manufacturing to finance, with specialities in printing, telecom, banking, insurance, reinsurance, food services and retail. Janick has had the opportunity to work across the globe developing and directing continuous improvement initiatives, introducing quality tools, methodologies and the concepts of Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma in organizations with great enthusiasm. She is a leadership coach and Six Sigma Green Belt, and has developed courses and coached others to certify them in these areas as well.


  • Certified Quality Director/Organizational Excellence
  • Certified “Lean and 6 Sigma” Green belt
  • Certified Business Continuity Maturity Model Assessor
  • Leadership Co-active coaching

    The testimonies confirm us:

    The majority believe that a good optimization exercise begins with Solutions Flexibilis Inc.

    Walking the talk

    Building strength in organizations,
    as well as within the community is extremely important to us.
    In fact, 1% of our profits are donated to Centraide,
    a local organization committed to building stronger communities.
    For over 25 years we have been actively involved,
    holding positions of leadership and influence with the “Mouvement québécois de la qualité” (Quebec Quality Movement)
    for the Grand Prix Québécois de la Qualité (Quebec Quality Awards) as well as the Montreal chapter 0404 of the ASQ (American Society of Quality) .

    Our publication list

    Our publications are in French at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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    La qualité industrielle, la qualité des services, quelle différence ?
    La qualité, un corrolaire de la pression de la concurrence étrangère
    Qualité et changement organisationnel
    Le leadership – Changement – Qualité
    La transparence est à la base d’une démarche qualité
    L’expérience client, quel est ton secret ?
    La responsabilité sociétale : une nouvelle tendance!

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